TULIPS Child Health

Training Upcoming Leaders in Paediatric Science

If you're a motivated clinician scientist aspiring to advance child health, the TULIPS program might be just the thing for you.

The Vision of TULIPS is that high-quality research is required to improve child health. To achieve this high-quality research, TULIPS has the mission to empower young clinician scientists to become international competitive researchers in all fields related to child health (medical and paramedical).

The goals of TULIPS are:

  • to stimulate young researchers to perform high-quality research with impact on child health.
  • to provide a high-quality interdisciplinary platform to further improve the quality of the research.
  • to provide highly differentiated educational curricula for clinician scientists in different phases of their careers.
  • to create partnerships with other national and international stakeholders.

Therefore, TULIPS provides Curricula with interactive training sessions and weekend educational retreats to create opportunities for collaboration and to enhance competences required to become successful in clinical science. The activities involve:

  • An open program with workshops, grant writing and presenting weekend and the annual TULIPS Symposium
  • A differentiated Curriculum for PhD students
  • A differentiated Curriculum for Post doctoral candidates

Child Health Symposium 23 en 24 maart, Noordwijk aan Zee.
24-uur inspiratie op gebied van Child Health met als doel: multidisciplinair samenwerken bevorderen.
Thema dit jaar: Value Based & Patient Centered Healthcare
Child Health Symposium 2018