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The TULIPS board is represented by Sabine Fuchs, Sinno Simons, Lotte Haverman, Lilly Verhagen & Jop Jans

Sabine Fuchs is a pediatrician at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital / University Medical Center Utrecht. She studied pharmacy (cum laude) and medicine (cum laude) at the University of Utrecht. Subsequently, she was a resident in the pediatric training program from the University Medical Center Utrecht, (prof. dr. J.L.L. Kimpen / prof. dr. E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis), which she combined with a PhD in the department of metabolic diseases (ZonMW AGIKO grant, promotors prof. dr. J.L.L.Kimpen and prof. dr. R. Berger). She now combines her fellowship in pediatric metabolic diseases (dr. G. Visser) with liver stem cell research (prof. dr. E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis). In collaboration with the Hubrecht Institute (prof. dr. H. Clevers), she aims to set up a liver stem cell transplantation program for children with liver disease.

Sinno Simons (chairman) is a pediatrician – neonatologist at the Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam. He obtained his PhD at the Erasmus university (promotors prof dr D Tibboel, prof dr JN van den Anker) on research with morphine in preterm newborns in 2004 where after he worked as a post-doc (NWO Talent stipendium) at the Charité University Berlin, Germany (Prof dr U Felderhof-Mueser). He followed his pediatric training at the VU Medical Center, Amsterdam where he also started a fellowship in neonatology. In 2013 he became a neonatologist at the Sophia Children’s Hospital and received a personal grant (Klinisch fellowship, ZonMW) for his research in neonatal pharmacology. He participated in the TULIPS post-doc curriculum and helped to organize the grant writing and presenting weekend.

Lotte Haverman (treasurer) is a pediatric psychologist at the Emma Children’s Hospital – Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. She studied clinical child psychology at the University of Amsterdam and forensic psychology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. She obtained her PhD at the Academic Medical Center (promotors prof dr. M.A. Grootenhuis, prof dr T.W. Kuijper) for research using patient reported outcomes (PRO) in daily clinical practice. She is the recipient of several grants and awards, which allow her to combine PRO research with a post-doctoral training for psychologists (gezondheidszorg-opleiding). She participated in the TULIPS PhD curriculum.

Lilly Verhagen is a pediatric resident and postdoctoral researcher at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital / University Medical Center Utrecht. After obtaining her Medical Degree in 2009, she went to Venezuela where she lived and worked for 3.5 years, combining clinical work as a medical doctor with the elaboration of her PhD project on respiratory infections and vaccine immunology in rural indigenous children (prof. J.H. de Waard and prof. dr. P.W.M. Hermans). After obtaining her PhD in 2014 (cum laude), she started working as a pediatric resident in the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht. She is combining this residency with postdoctoral research projects in collaboration with the Laboratory for Translational Immunology and the Department of Medical Microbiology of the UMC Utrecht. In addition, she is following a postgraduate MSc Epidemiology at the Julius Center of the UMC Utrecht.
Her research activities focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory tract infections in vulnerable childhood populations. The combination of treating today's patients as a physician and tomorrow's patients as a scientist unraveling the pathogenesis of diseases to improve therapeutics and outcome is the inspiration to combine research activities with clinical work as a physician.
Within TULIPS, Lilly has completed the post-doc curriculum.

Jop Jans 
More information will follow soon

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prof. dr. Henriette A. Delemarre-van de Waal

Lid van verdienste:

prof. dr. Henriette A. Delemarre-van de Waal

Tijdens de Jonge Onderzoekersdag op 5 november 2013 is prof. Dr. Henriette Delemarre-van de Waal benoemd tot Lid van verdienste van TULIPS. Met deze benoeming dankt het TULIPS bestuur Henriette Delemarre voor haar jarenlange enthousiaste en belangeloze inzet voor het trainingsprogramma.
Bij deze benoeming hoort een beeldje van een tulp, welke in de toekomst vaker uitgereikt kan worden aan personen die zich hebben ingezet voor TULIPS. De naam die de prijs heeft gekregen is de ‘Henriette Delemarre TULIPS award’.

† Henriette Delemarre 13 februari 2014