PhD Curriculum

The PhD Curriculum specifically aims at enthusiastic PhD researchers with the potential and ambition to advance their research field as a clinician-scientist. The TULIPS Curriculum for PhD researchers is meant for approximately 15 PhD students in Pediatrics or Child Health who are selected every year.

TULIPS aims to stimulate talented researchers in the field of Child Health to become internationally competitive research leaders. PhD students (both medical and paramedical) with the ambition to become leading researchers can apply, preferably in their second or third PhD year. Applicants may enroll in the program in every stage of their clinical (medical or paramedical) career.

Call PhD curriculum 2018-2020

Are you a PhD student working in the field of Child Health? Do you want to pursue a career as a Clinician Scientist?
The unique two-year TULIPS PhD curriculum might be just the thing for you! With the help of senior researchers, training weekends and workshops in all academic centers, this TULIPS PhD curriculum enables you to develop competencies, the network and the balance between professional and personal development as needed for leadership positions in pediatric science. 

What is the PhD curriculum?

  • A two year program with 10-15 selected clinician scientists (PhD students). The program includes:
  • Workshops in all academic centers in the Netherlands
  • The Young Investigators Day (2x)
  • 3 Training weekends with senior TULIPS researchers

Who can apply?

  • Students in preferably their 2nd or 3rd year of a PhD program in all fields of Child Health

How do you apply?

Submit by mail/wetransfer to :

  • A personal and original reflection (maximum 1 page) shortly specifying who you are, what your development goals are (professional and personal, short and long-term). Most important to describe  your biggest discovery in research and what you like most in your research. Besides we would like to hear how you think the TULIPS PhD curriculum will help to achieve your goals and what you can add to the TULIPS curriculum.
  • A short movie (max 2 minutes) in which you introduce yourself and tell us about your hobbies and daily life.
  • A candidate CV of maximum 2 pages and the name of the affiliated research topic/group.
  • A letter of support (maximum ½ page) not explaining what you do, but explaining why you are outstanding. The letter should be co-signed by the head of the department expressing commitment to enable participation in the program.

Important information
- closing date for submission: 1st of February 2018
- costs for the curriculum: €1500 for two years
- 80% presence is expected from all participants

- introduction weekend: 23th and 24th of March 2018 (please note that this weekend is mandatory)

For further information contact Iris Wegener at


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